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Features of Our Garden

In our display are many different species from all over the world and up to 400 butterflies at any one time. demolius an asclepias.jpg - 10889 Bytes

attacusf.jpg - 23853 Bytes To the left, Attacus atlas, is the largest moth in the world with a wingspan up to 30 cm. The wings are richly patterned in shades of brown and shaped distinctively with wing tips reminding us of the head of a snake. There are also tringular translucent patches on the wings. The picture shows a female. She is normally bigger than the male. You can see this moth in our garden most of the year. The Atlas moth occurs from India and Sri Lanka to China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Amongst the more than 100 different plant species there are heliconia flowers, flowering bananas and gingers. Our orchids flower at different times throughout the season and you will always find a good range in flower when you visit. The butterfly house is also the home for some tiny finches. They are our vacuum cleaners and help us keep pests on plants and spiders under control. Laelia

Torch Ginger This is a torch ginger. In Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand it is used for cooking. The beautiful flowers are used in flower arrangements. There are white, pink and red torch gingers.

Papilio lowi is an Asian swallow tail butterfly with a wingspan up to 13 cm. It is only found in the Philippines but despite its small area of distribution, the butterfly is not endangered. There are up to 700 different species within the papilio family. Their distinctive wing form with the edge similar to a swallow's wing give the swallow tail butterfly its name. p.lowi femal.jpg - 15754 Bytes

A dendrobium hybrid in full bloom is a beautiful sight. Our garden features these in all colours and variations. dendroppurp.jpg - 18846 Bytes

Our garden is designed with a large waterlilly pond, a waterfall and small sitting areas. The whole garden, with coffe and souvenir shop, is fully covered and heated and therefore an ideal adventure for sunny and rainy days.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Telephone: 07 868 8080