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Information for Teachers

School Visits

Bring children and students to the tropical wonderland of the Butterfly and Orchid Garden in Thames, and watch them be delighted and entertained. Children can learn about the life cycle of the butterfly by seeing it for themselves: they will experience a natural word unlike anything in New Zealand.

We offer a safe and sheltered environment where hundreds of beautifully coloured butterflies fly freely amongst the flowers. Small birds can be spied and tropical fish in the ponds can be discovered.

Curriculum; the living world levels 2 - 5 +

Metamorphosis in butterflies; characteristics of insects; special features that help them survive e.g., amazing language of colours, camouflage, mimicry; needs and adaptations, reasons for danger of extinction.

Included in your visit is an interactive lesson. We take the group through the life cycle of the butterfly outlining individual subjects adapted to the education level of the group, e.g. danger colours, reasons for extinction. Price for groups


School and kids groups often bring their own packed lunches with them. These can be enjoyed outside on our spacious deck, which is fully covered and can seat up to 30 people or somewhere on the spacious grounds of the camping ground.

We offer morning tea: a nice cup of coffee or tea and a small muffin $ 5.00

and lunch: fresh coffee/tea (with refill), sandwich, a nice selection of fruit and a muffin $11.00

These need to be pre booked.

Prices for school groups (more than 12 visitors).

One teacher per group is free, the driver is free.

Adults $ 9.00

Child $ 5.00

Feel free to ring and inquire, call 07 868 8080

We are looking forward to your visit.